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The design of this site is to bring together as many Art related sites as we can for free; there is no charge to have a site listed here. We do this to give back to the arts; that have been such a big part of our life. The site is updated each week. As we act like a search engine help us grow by sending us sites that you feel should be added. Check out our Artist Links, Museum Links and Theater (Performing Arts) Links, there are some very good sites listed here to visit. We want to be a place you will return to over & over. Let us know how we are doing and if there is something special you would like linked here just ask. We will try hard to please. Each and every site listed has been visited by us to see if its done well and is not offensive.
From time to time we will send the following award to a site of our choosing.

Thanks for visiting, please tell your friends about us and if you wish to share on social media please feel free to do so, also let art, museums and theater related site that you may visit know about us.


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